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Support the charity Cambridge Cyrenians and University of Cambridge first year architecture students in our growing space building project

Growing Space

by Good Architecture Programme

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Support Cambridge Cyrenians

Allotment Project





We are a group of friendly, excited, and eager first year undergraduate architecture students from the University of Cambridge who are working with the Cyrenians, a Cambridge based homeless charity specialising in horticultural therapy.

Cambridge Cyrenians provide a range of accommodation, support, and specialist services for homeless people. Part of their scheme is an allotment project, that offers the homeless a chance to participate in a meaningful activity, providing them with training and helping them develop new skills. Regular involvement in the project improves the participant’s quality of life, mental and physical health, and helps reduce social isolation.

More information on the charity and the project can be found here:



Having already secured £3000, we are looking to match this amount which will allow us to build six excellent building projects for the Cyrenians. 

A huge thanks to Karakusevic Carson Architects for the massive contribution to the already secured funds.

We have designed 6 different projects for the Cyrenians with the aim of improving the site: a toolshed and workshop, a social space, a market stall, a space for contemplation, a bird and bug hotel, and a bike storage area. For the last 4 weeks we have been designing the proposals, and we are currently in meetings with structural engineers and the client and beginning to start on site! 



The old tool sheds are falling down, and the volunteers need a new one! We are rebuilding a super organised, super awesome shed and outdoor workbench area, which will include a massive rainwater collecting roof and provide not only an amazing storage solution but a nice place to work. 


As a group, our brief is to design a social space extending from a small existing tea shed at the allotment to seat 18-20 people, collect water and provide an open and comfortable environment in which the participants and volunteers will be able to relax and communicate. We have already completed the design process and are now planning the construction. We will primarily be working with timber and canvas material.


Standing at the end of a 100m long track, our project aims to provide bug and bird habitats while replacing the current composting bins which are functional but not very aesthetically pleasing. We want our project to be a welcoming sign for the allotment and have chosen to do this using chestnut half round posts to create durable and sustainable bays for compost. The decomposition of the organic material as well as the natural structure of the logs forms ideal habitats for birds and bugs and will hopefully continue to be an integral part of the allotment.


We are creating a space for volunteers to safely store their bikes and encourage use of them to the site.


We are creating a market stall for the volunteers which can be transported from the site to various locations around Cambridge, so that they can sell the vegetables that they produce on the allotment. We’re looking at a design of modular elements which can be used on the allotment to collect veg and then stack in many different ways to create a different market stall each time! 


This structure will provide a quiet and secluded space for people to reflect in the orchard, away from the main activity of the allotment. Our entire design is constructed out of timber beams, with stairs and seats projecting from the main spine of the design.  


Not only will you be funding an exciting project, but as a thank you for any donations you will receive a special mention in our end of year final project book, of which a copy will be kept in the University Library (forever!) You will also be invited to the opening party and final crit on site on Monday the 30th November at 2pm, which will include a mince pie and glass of mulled wine, and also our department’s end of year show in Central London! You will also have the opportunity to recieve a high quality print of one of the drawings that went into the design of the site.


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