Unit B End of Year Exhibition


UNIT B : Enforcing Individual Thought


The Unit B exhibition offers an array of highly creative and unquestionably unique projects all situated along Castle Mill Stream in East Oxford. Proposals including an Immersive Theatre, Fishing Cult, Crematorium, Knitting Guild and Debating Chamber.

The unit explores making with a practical, hands-on approach. We prioritize physical models and the invention of work methods where tools and approaches develop in response to individual fascinations with architecture and the weirdness of reality in general. We look at the architectural and cultural implications of making and craft by venturing its societal and ideological expressions as they manifest in cluster-like fabrication societies such as Fab Lab Academies and Fab Cities.

In a larger ideological framework we explore how technologies of fabrication and crafting, contemporary and historical, can empower individuals and even be valued for their democratic potential. We suggest that local distribution of making opportunities and craftsmanship can counterbalance the standardization of experience that follows the globalization of uniform products, services and entertainment media.


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