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3. Planning for Library Transfer – Getting Started

This section provides information on key considerations for community organisations seeking to take on a library. It is designed to help organisations and authorities evaluate the desirability and viability of any potential library transfer before progressing to further stages and investment commitments. Choose a topic within this category from the above menu to learn more about a specific area.

Three Corners Centre, ClerkenwellKey Governance Issues to Consider

• If the project involves an offer of an asset from a local authority, what control will they wish to have over the process and use of the building?
• What are the views and aspirations of your current service users and local partners?
• Has the organisation the legal capacity to take the project on, to apply for and receive loans?

Thinking long term, the Board should assess whether the proposed library transfer will deliver the right step forward for the organisation. The early stages of the process, while often driven by senior staff, must be under the control and guidance of an interested but measured board that is considering the wider agenda and the longer term. The board must ensure it is kept well informed. Charities should get advice on the particular legal issues relating to owning land and property.


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