Service Design

While a library service might seem straightforward at first glance you will need to carefully think through what a library typically can offer and what your organisation is seeking to deliver. A clear understanding of what level and type of service you hope to offer will be essential in identifying the support and resources you require to make your ideas become a reality. Will the service be staffed or totally dependent on volunteers? Will you focus on a book based service or some other format of resources? Are you aiming to only provide ‘library’ services or are there other services that could be delivered from the building that might also help advance your aims?

You will also need to think through which elements of the service you may need the current library authority to deliver. Will it assist with stock selection and supply? What existing Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure might be made available to your organisation?  Will the library authority be willing to offer general advice or more specialist librarian support and resources?

More information on developing and managing services is provided later in the guide.

Key Questions

  • Has the purpose of the transfer been led by, and involved, local people?
  • Are people prepared for the long period of time that some asset transfer projects need?
  • Has a realistic provisional timescale for transfer been set?


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