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Construction and Management

Once Planning Permission and Building Control Approval are finalised and in place the Architect and QS can issue Contract documentation. This will include drawings and specifications amended as a result of any last minute Planning or Building Control requirements and following on from negotiation with the selected Contractor. If all goes as planned at this stage the building contract will be agreed, work will commence, and your architect (or QS depending on the nature of the project) will manage the construction through to completion as below:


Construction and Management
RIBA Stage Activities Client Decision-making
J) Mobilisation • Letting the building contract, appointing the contractor.
• Issuing of information to the contractor.
• Arranging site hand over to the contractor.
K) Construction to Practical Completion • Administration of the building contract to Practical Completion.
• Provision to the contractor of further Information as and when reasonably required.
• Review of information provided by contractors and specialists
L) Post Practical Completion • Administration of the building contract after Practical Completion and making final inspections.
• Assisting building user during initial occupation period.
• Review of project performance in use.
Prepare for handoverAccept handover

Post occupation evaluations

It is often at this stage that the final agreements relating to acquisition of a stake in the asset are concluded. The handover stage is perhaps the most important for the client since it covers the handover of the property as their responsibility and agreement about how defects that emerge will be dealt with.




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