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7. Premises Management

Careful daily administration of how the fabric of your library and its on-site facilities will be essential to ensure that all your legal obligations are met and that the buildings are being run as cost-effectively as possible.

This section focuses on elements which will need to be considered in order to effectively manage your premises. Although there is inevitably some overlap, issues relating to the management of services is considered later in the toolkit. Choose a topic within this category from the above menu to learn more about a specific area.

Key Governance Issues to Consider

  • Have you invested enough in marketing and sales?
  • Have you the right skills set in the staff team to encourage new users and win new business?
  • Have you really provided for enough security and caretaker cover for evenings and weekends?


  • If you cannot meet your financial targets you will create an unviable asset at some point in the future so financial performance must command the undivided attention of the board. Whatever financial challenges emerge, you need to take remedial action as soon as possible.
  • If you are heading for early difficulties, talk to your bankers early. They will be much happier knowing in advance and may be able to extend a capital repayment free period. The board’s role here is to ensure it receives high quality and timely information and ensures action is taken. Agree the reporting formats very early. Make sure all members of the board know and understand what the critical measures are. The Board needs to look carefully at cash (and not just at the profit and loss accounts), to focus on debtors and to make sure big public sector debtors are pushed to pay up.


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