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8. Developing and Diversifying Library Services

This section moves away from asset related issues and focuses on the services that may be developed within a library building. It is the services that are delivered within the building that will have the greatest impact on local people. This section helps you consider what those services might be; how they might differ from the current library provision; and issues associated with service delivery.

One of the challenges in effectively developing community managed libraries will be to get beyond generalised notion a of what a library is and consider what difference the services could make to local people and how you might implement such changes. It will also be important to consider if you are delivering any services as a part of a Public Library Service as opposed to an Independent Community Library Service. Some of this work will have already been done through setting aims and objectives but now you will need to consider such matters in detail. Choose a topic within this category from the above menu to learn more about a specific area.


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