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We, in Good Architecture programme , with considering  of human rights that based on the 17 principles of UNESCO document 2030 and architectural and urban conditions in The all Over of world , we try to solve social problems by creating public participation and improving the quality of living space in the city and buildings By focusing on the following issues and creating projects and campaigns related to issues of Good Architecture Programme . In fact, we consider the Good Architecture Programme as an alternative to solving social and urban problems , Relying on all segments of specialists in the field of architecture and urbanism in all academic and professional levels, We assume that good architecture is a kind of physical space, while shaping with People’s Thought and Community-Based, it makes the relative satisfaction and comfort of people with meet the aspirations of architects to consider promoting lifestyle of People and Go on to Future.

So the “Good Architecture” Programme defines a new and unique idea that:Good architecture is a unique type of architecture that is based on the idea of ​​three dimensions of people’s behavior, the culture and the future of the world, and the future of the core, in the form of a natural structure, and its formation is precisely the following: through Active activity The potential of social responsibility in over 70,000 students is architecture:
– Create partnerships and raise public awareness of architecture and cities
– The field of creating a people-centered design for professionals
– Organizational organization to provide architectural knowledge utilization for different classes
– Reducing the risk of crisis and complications through raising public awareness and activating social creativity in the field of building physical space
– Improving the lifestyle of people by maintaining local identity

Our Challenge

1- The role of architecture in development is more than preventive, more than ever, restorative and physical, while we believe that the role of architecture can be more preventative and solving social issues and increasing motivation and passion for life.
2. The statistics say that by the year 2030 more than a third of the population of the poor and more than 49 affected countries would be compromised only because of the unresolved issues that could be solved by a good architecture.
3- 78% of the deaths from incidents related to houses that are disproportionate to real conditions, lack of proper implementation, lack of consideration of social and human behaviors in physical bodies, and neglected culture.

4. To use more than 50 thousand students in the fields related to architecture and urban planning in Iran as architectural ambassadors and to improve social conditions through consideration of social architecture approaches through the activation of individual social responsibility in them.
5- 95% of houses built in Iran are outside the hands of architects and are designed by non-specialists in the form of municipal technical offices, free technical offices, and so on.
Sixty-five percent of the houses designed by architects are designed without regard to people’s views and quality of life, and the upcoming changes are in the nature of the design and social behavior of users.

Let’s create Best Team for ever In the field of Architecture for society !

We are a team of dedicated professionals, Ready to make the world into better place to live with Consider Architecture and City Issues . We Are Architects , But with Social consideration .

navid ganji

Navid Ganji

Director of ‘Good Architecture ‘ Programme

darab diba

member of Advisory Commitees


Dr.Iraj Ettesam

member of Advisory Commitees

mohammad saeed izadi

Dr.Mohammad Saeed Izadi

member of Advisory Commitees


Dr.Shahab mirzaeeian

member of Advisory Commitees


Morvarid Abdolalizadeh

Member of Research Group


Zohreh Ghasemi

Member of Research Group


Hamideh Nik Seresht

Member of Research Group


Amir Malekshahi

Member of Research Group


Elahe Nouri

Member of Research Group


Sanaz Khodadad

Member of Research Group


Zahra Arman

Member of Research Group


Nima Ashouri

Member of Research Group


Motahareh Farahani

Member of Research Group


Sohinaz Fallah

Member of Research Group


Dr.Ahmadreza Hakiminezhad

Research Group in London

keyvan alimohammadi

Keyvan Alimohammadi

Event Group Manager

mohammad masoumi

Mohammad Masoumi

Member of Event Group

bita shahrazbi

Bita Shahrabi

Member of Event Group


Mahsa Alami

Research Group in London

hediye bagheri

Hediyeh Bagheri

Member of Event Group

nafiseh nekoubin

Nafiseh Nekoubin

Member of Event Group

aida shirazi

Aida Shirazi

Member of Media Group

marziye kabiri

Marziye Kabiri

Member of Event Group

Organized By :

ISIAInternational Institute for Strategic Studies in Architecture of Iran,is a research-training institute which is established with the aim of promoting and exporting architecture of Iran and also create a strategy for cultural and educational relevance between the region and the world. This institute which has been registered in organization of non-commercial institutions with registration number 32194, is trying to create a new approach and an atmosphere to work in the fields of architecture and other relevant precinct.


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